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Hydraulic Repair

We have expanded our Hydraulic Services.
Our new Hydraulic Cylinder Service Center to repair your cylinders BIG or SMALL.

Hydraulic Cylinder and Pneumatic Repair Service Center

Red’s Satellite Service and Red’s Hydraulic Service is your source for sales, service and repairs for most Agricultural, Oil Field, Construction and Industrial hydraulic valves, hydraulic cylinders and hydraulic pumps. When your equipment fails we are here to get you back on the job as soon as possible. We utilize a Tuxco Hydraulic Cylinder Servicer that makes our repairs fast and safe!

Hydraulic Cylinder Repair
Pneumatic Cylinder Repair
Hydraulic Valve Repair
Pneumatic Valve Repair
Industrial Hydraulic Jack
Industrial Air over Hydraulic Jacks
Most Hydraulic or Pneumatic Industrial tools
Hydraulic Power Unitsz
Mobile and Stationary Air Compressors
JET Authorized Service Center
Automotive Lifts Service
Hydraulic Pumps
Hydraulic Pump Service Repair
Hydraulic Shop
Air Compressor Service and Repair
Lubrication Equipment
Compactors, Waste, Recycling Equipment Repair
Computer Aided Drafting
Custom Fabricating


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Big or small we would like to help you with any hydraulic or pneumatic problems you may have. Call today! 325-676-4376 with Emergency 24 Hour Service